Why It’s So Hard to Wake Up for Work in the Morning

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson
3 min readDec 7, 2018

Do you remember that feeling you used to get when you were a kid and you knew that you had a big family trip coming up? The night before you leave is always the hardest time to fall asleep.

Then, when you finally do fall asleep, you can’t help but wake up early out of utter excitement for the day to come.

It’s because you’re looking forward to doing something special and the idea of sleep almost seems like an inconvenience. It’s that Christmas morning feeling when you’re a kid who’s ready to rip presents open.

Now, flash forward to present day. I’m sure you still get that same feeling when you have an upcoming vacation you’ve been planning for.

It’s kind of hard to stay asleep when you know there’s a plane that will take you far away from the stresses of your normal, every day life — From work, from responsibilities, from your regular routine.

But, when it comes to waking up for work regularly, all you want is more sleep. There’s always that initial feeling of dread when you’re first waking up for work in the morning— At least that’s how it is for most people.

For a majority of the working class, it’s a rare thing to actually be excited to go to work in the morning. But, if you are one of those few people that loves what you do…



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