There is most certainly an endless number of things to write before one stops writing —And you’re right. It is like talking.

But, it’s also possible to not talk for a day. Not because you don’t have anything to say, but because you just don’t.

I do many other things in life outside of writing — I work a full-time job, I run, play music, sing, travel, hike, snowboard, the list goes on. I have many hobbies.

My writing doesn’t define me nor do I need to write every day to feel validated about being a Writer.

It’s just that sometimes, a day or two goes by and I simply just don’t write, but I won’t beat myself up for it. I just pick up where I left off.

Written by

Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life.

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