The Kind of Technology that Creates Connections “To the T”

Tee Up: How This App Has Bridged the Gap Between Golf and People

Though it’s been argued that technology has become a catalyst towards the deterioration of human interaction, it has also become a catalyst towards the exact opposite notion; that technology has in fact actually brought us closer together.

Technology has paved a path to keep people constantly connected, in the know, and updated on real-time events — which in many ways can be a good thing. Then again, this viewpoint can be dependent on who you are talking to.

For those of us who use technology in a positive light; to be more social and more interactive, it has opened many doors to the possibilities of networking, making connections, and forming relationships.

Take for example, eHarmony — One of the original and most well-known dating sites created. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, it was found that,

This just shows how successful and even integral technology has become towards meeting people in the day and age that we’re currently living in.

Another example is LinkedIn — One of the most widely-used professional networking sites in the world. In my own personal use, I myself have found great success in a majority of the job opportunities that I’ve had in the past all because of connections that I made online.

This type of success spans across a countless number of sectors, whether it be professional or personal. The granularity of the different types of connections we can make is astounding, being that we can connect with people on anything — from our love of food, to our passion for writing, to sports.

All that is needed is the right platform.

When it comes to the intersection of having a specific passion and the demand for the right platform, Co-Founders Seong Park and Min Woo Kim have accomplished this in the form of their app, Tee Up, which allows players throughout the United States to match with other golfers through credentials such as location, age, skill levels, and more.

Often times, finding people (in-person) who share the same hobbies as you can be quite daunting and sometimes even rare. Then, if you do find someone, they may not necessarily be on the same page as you. Maybe they’re not at the same speed, skill level, or even have the same style.

When it comes to playing golf, players usually go to a designated golf course, book a match, then they are randomly grouped with other players, which can be overwhelming, frustrating, and slightly intimidating.

When being randomly grouped, you’re not aware of your opponents’ skill level or the speed in which they play, which then causes a delay in time for the people who are up next.

What Tee Up has done is create a platform needed for golfers so that they’re able to skip the random grouping and know who they are playing with before the game even starts.

Players can finally find their ideal partners in a seamless way. The Tee Up app also features a section where players can create their own matches using PGA TeeOff booking system as well as another feature where players can create a group page just like Facebook.

Tee Up is currently available through both Android and iOS, where you can download it now for free. You can also stay updated on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to learn more about the history of Tee Up, get some contact info, or get to know their terms of service, read more from their website here.

In the meantime, remember that technology doesn’t need to hinder us, but instead, it truly can help.

*This article is sponsored content in partnership with TeeUp

Writer, Runner, and Plant Mom based in Brooklyn, New York. I write about writing and life in general.

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