The 7 Biggest Changes that Can Happen in Your Twenties

Our twenties are the biggest rollercoaster years of our lives

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The beginning and ending of relationships

We can create meaningful relationships at any point in our lives, but our twenties are the biggest test for those relationships. The relationships that survive our twenties are the ones that are long-lasting, lifelong friendships because they’re the ones that stick around and endure the changes despite the consequences. Not all friendships, not all relationships, are built to last and you’ll likely experience that the most in your twenties.

Living in different places

Leaving home and living in a different place is a huge factor towards the changes that happen in our lives. Learning how to adapt to a new living environment is probably one of the most challenging experiences we’ll face. And of course, it’s much more difficult for some of us to shy away from the familiar. Some of us thrive while some of us return to the place we call home. It’s a scary thing to leave behind the place we’ve known our entire lives, but it can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Making big career moves

One of the things that I struggled with the most throughout my twenties was finding the right job, the right work environment, the right company culture, that I felt comfortable in. It took a lot of jumping around between jobs and companies, but that was detrimental towards figuring out what I truly valued and what was important to me in my career. Making big career moves is one of the most common and somewhat stressful aspects of change because it’s our source of income — it’s one of the biggest aspects of our lives.

Navigating financial stability

Getting to a place of financial stability was extremely difficult for me personally. Moving to New York as a twenty-one year old and very little knowledge of the world, I had no idea how to manage my money. I had no idea how to budget. I wasn’t prepared for knowing how to balance my spending habits while pay bills at the same time. But, we all have to learn at some point. Usually, it’s when we’re in a financial rut or disaster that we finally get the wake up call. So, whether it’s your twenties or thirties or forties, navigating financial stability is always going to be a juggling act for the majority of us.

Getting married

This big change (as well as the following one) is often a touchy subject. Though I personally got married at the tail-end of my twenties, some people marry earlier, while some marry later or never. There is no right or wrong timeline for finding the person we end up with. It happens when it happens. Regardless, I can say that I’ve gone to so many wedding during my twenties that I’ve lost count. So, whether it’s your own wedding, your friends, or the people you went to high school with, just know that you’ll see it happening all around you at some point in your twenties.

Starting a family

Similar to getting married, starting a family has no hard timeline. Not everyone is ready to have a family right away — and can be for reasons not being ready emotionally, mentally, or financially. Starting a family is a major life change and in our current day and age, the idea of starting a family in our twenties is much more far-fetched than it used to be. I myself am not quite there yet, but there are people who are ready in their twenties and that’s just something that you can’t compare yourself against.

Learning how to love yourself

One of the most challenging things that we’ll ever face in life, despite our age, is learning self-love — learning how to love ourselves for who we are. And this is not at all guaranteed to happen in our twenties, however, it is more common for many of us to discover who we are and learn to love ourselves in our twenties simply due to the significant amount of change that comes about.

Writer, Runner, and Plant Mom based in Brooklyn, New York. I write about writing and life in general.

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