Stop Associating Me with Asian Stereotypes

Photo by Riki Ramdani on Unsplash

Last night, as I was running through a neighborhood in Brooklyn, not too far from where I live, I was called a “dumb Chinese bitch” by a man that I had run past.

This wasn’t the first time that people have shouted things at me when I’m running, but this was the first time that I got a racist and sexist comment all in one.

I didn’t say anything back. I didn’t want to endanger myself. I just wanted to get home.

So, I kept on running.

When I finally did get home, I told my boyfriend what had happened and he was infuriated.

He wanted to go to the neighborhood that I ran through and confront the guy — But, that was an hour ago and he was probably gone by now.

Plus, I honestly didn’t even remember exactly where it happened.

He then proceeded to Google what to do and insisted that I file a complaint with the police within that precinct.

I urged him to just let it go, but he told me that it was the right thing to do.

So, I called the Police and they told me that I had to physically go to the station and file a report in-person.

That’s where I gave up.

It wasn’t worth my time.

In hindsight, I do wish that I had had said something to the man, but God forbid he chased after me or assaulted me.

Time after time, I have let these things happen without fighting back or defending myself in fear of my safety.

If it weren’t for my boyfriend, I would ignore it completely.

But, honestly I am very tired of having to endure racist, stereotypical, or derogatory comments just because I’m Asian.

I’m tired of people associating anything that I do with the fact that I’m Asian.

I’m tired of being the “token Asian friend

If I’m a bad driver, it’s because I’m a bad driver — Not because I’m Asian.

No, I am not good at math or science.

Stop calling me “exotic” or talking about my eyes. Stop assuming I’m Chinese. Stop saying that I am short because I am Asian.

It’s 2018 and I can’t believe that I still have to talk about this.

I just want to be a person.

I just want to be me because I am me — Not because of my ethnicity. So, please stop associating me with Asian stereotypes.

Writer, Runner, and Plant Mom based in Brooklyn, New York. I write about writing and life in general.

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