“Ship ‘em all back”: My reaction to what Trump supporters are saying about the ban on Muslims

I recently came across a video posted by MSNBC, interviewing Trump supporters on their opinions of his ban on Muslims entering the United States in wake of the recent terrorist attacks throughout the world.

Expressed via Facebook status, I wrote:

Very rarely do I participate in venting my political views on Facebook. Typically, I just creep on people arguing with each other, but this, this really just pisses me off.

One guy in this interview says, “Ship ’em all back.”

Are you kidding me?! America is a nation of immigrants. I’m a Filipino-American and I am proud. I was born and raised in America because my parents made the sacrifice to completely uproot their entire lives in order for me to have a better life.

For any American to say, “Ship ’em all back” is a disgrace to this nation.

America, we digress.

I’m often a very passive person when it comes to outwardly discussing politics and religion. Though I do have my own concrete views and beliefs, I try to refrain from vocalizing those views and beliefs through social media in order to avoid potential backlash from people who have completely opposing views and beliefs. Yes, I know that may sound cowardly coming from someone who is a writer, but there are a lot of very ignorant people on the internet if you haven’t already noticed.

The reason that I am reacting to this particular video is because I grew up and currently live in an area where people are much more open-minded about the world in comparison to the people in this video.

Where I live, people are much more exposed to those of other ethnicities and religions. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a town where there was a vast amount of diversity and people were not judged solely on the color of their skin or the church that they go to. Of course, there are always going to be individuals who will stereotype others.

For the people in this video to say that banning Muslims a good idea just summarizes the fact that, although we have come very far as a Nation, we are still prone to repeat history. This kind of mindset is what sets America back.

Coming from a household where I was heavily influenced by both my Filipino heritage as well as my American citizenship, I always felt the need to defend both standpoints because I truly am proud of both parts of me. But to hear someone say, “Ship ‘em all back” is not only offensive, but extremely disappointing towards anyone of any ethnic background.

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Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life. lindseylazarte.com

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