Publishing More Articles Doesn’t Guarantee You More Money

The never-ending battle between quantity versus quality

As we conclude what seems to be the longest month of all eternity, I’m doing my routine evaluation of how I netted out in terms of my monthly Medium profit. It was no surprise that this month turned out to be one of my highest-article-producing months in a while.

In comparison to February, I published nearly four times as many articles this month than I did last month. So, logically, one would assume that publishing more articles automatically means that you’re more likely going to receive a higher cashflow, right? (Well, that’s what I assumed at least)

To my disappointment, that was sadly not the case for this month.

Looking at my month-to-date earnings in March, it appears that I’m only a few cents shy of the measly twenty dollars and twenty cents that I made in the entire month February. Attempting to process that reality was a pretty difficult pill to swallow. I asked myself,

“How is it possible that I wrote four times more articles this month than I did last month, yet I’m still making nearly the same exact money?”

It made me question if there’s any point in churning out articles on a frequent basis. It even made me question if there’s even any point in publishing any new articles at all if the only ones that are really producing a majority of my revenue are the ones that I wrote a year or two ago.

Therefore, I tried to look for a pattern. I tried looking to see if there’s some sort of link between my top performing articles versus the ones that ended up being duds — and yes, I know this has been done time and time again, but I figure it wouldn’t hurt to add another piece of advice to the mix.

Curation does matter (to an extent)

Looking specifically at my March articles, the ones that had a higher number of views, reads, and even claps were all curated. Curation means that it has a higher chance of being seen by more people. I know that I don’t personally have a huge network when it comes to promoting my content.

Here on Medium, I have one thousand seven hundred followers. On Twitter, I have seven hundred or so followers. On Instagram, I also have seven hundred or so followers. And on Facebook, I have one hundred sixty-ish. Combined, that’s about a three thousand follower reach. And with that number, I still only get maybe twenty actual reads on my non-curated articles.

With curation, it usually doubles my views and reads and if I’m lucky, one may go slightly “viral” in comparison to my other articles. But, at the end of the day, curation does help, despite what people may say.

Write about topics that everybody can relate to

For me, the articles that resonated the most with people were the ones that are at the forefront of every conversation regardless of what table you’re sitting at. They’re the topics that you can’t quite get around when communicating with people; the ones you can’t avoid on social media.

Of course, this is a sensitive time to be recommending this advice due to the overwhelming amount of corona-related content out on the web right now. So corona topics aside, focus on the topics that hit home for everyone. Write about the things that everyone can relate to no matter what walk of life they come from, what their age is, or what they do for a living. At the end of the day, we’re all human.

So be human.

Write from the heart

When I look back at the articles that performed best for me, I noticed that they were all written in times when I was the most riled up, the most emotional, the most passionate, and the most invested into the topic. The articles that performed best, and continue to perform the best, are the ones where I led with my heart (then proceeded to edit with my head).

If you’re writing an article where you have no emotional connection to what you are saying, then that will be quickly apparent to your readers.

Your readers want to feel something. They want to connect to something. They want to be able to say, “You took the words right out of my mouth!”. In terms of the feedback that I’ve personally gotten from my readers in the comment section, this has been the biggest common denominator in terms of successful articles. All of my readers let me know that this is exactly how they felt too.

Writing should bring people together. It should allow us to connect with one another on a unique level. Every article that you write should be like you’re writing the “best man” or “maid of honor” speech at your best friend’s wedding.

Pretend like you’re giving that speech to a large audience filled with people whom know and people you don’t know. Regardless of whether they’re close friends or strangers, you still want that same speech to resonate with each and every person. Maybe this will help the next time you’re about to hit the “Publish” button.

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Writer & Digital Advertising Expert based in Queens, New York. Avid Runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life in general.

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