Last week, I was sitting in my living room with my two roommates as we were crafting a list of household items to buy for the apartment (Ie. toiletries, communal groceries, etc.)

That weekend, my roommates each went home to visit their parents, so I had the time to be alone in the apartment. I didn’t have any plans set in stone for the weekend, so I used the weekend for mental health days and crossing off some pending errands that I had been putting off for the past few weeks. Taking into consideration the list of household items that my roommates and I had made, I decided to have a field day at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the grocery store.

When they came home after the weekend, I was overly ecstatic to announce to them that I bought paper towels. PAPER TOWELS. This may seem pathetic, but that may have been the highlight of my weekend and I’m totally okay with that.

The thing is, as mundane as a purchase of paper towels may seem, my overall reaction of excitement by announcing this news actually brought them joy. Not because of the paper towels, but because of emotion behind it. (Yes, I apparently get emotional about paper towels)

In a world where we are constantly being exposed to disappointment, fear, and terror that the media delivers, it’s often difficult to make light out of heavy situations, especially given the recent tragic events that happened around the globe.

Inspiration can be hard to come by when we face times of discouragement or failure. Sometimes, you just have to take pride in the little things (Like, paper towels)

Again, purchasing paper towels is no monumental task. This isn’t even news that needs to necessarily be shared with anyone. But raw emotions, such as excitement and joy, these things create a ripple effect in other people’s days. A single smile, a single encounter, a single conversation can change the course of an entire person’s day and could ultimately even change the course of their entire life.

I break through the trap of waiting around for a “muse” by finding inspiration in every positive, or even negative, event in daily life. I used to be the kind of person that sets ridiculous expectations for myself as well as for those around me, but I’ve learned that nothing creates a better, more genuine reaction than the element of surprise.

My unique way of finding inspiration around me is through the experiences and encounters I’ve had with every single person I have ever met. I draw on inspiration from friends, family, and even strangers because I believe that every person has a story worth telling. I also believe it’s true that every person you meet knows something you don’t know.

This is exactly how creativity is born; through inspiration, through the great minds that birthed an idea into reality. And I write about these things because I hope that one day, someone out there will be just as inspired by me as I have been by the people who have impacted my life.

Inspiration is all around us, so take a minute to notice some of the people that we face in our day to day lives. They just might surprise you.

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Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life.

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