I’m Afraid of the Deep South

I truly do want to believe that it won’t be as intimidating as I’m imagining it to be

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson


Credit: Eric J. Shelton/Mississippi Today

Growing up, I’m proud to say that I was exposed to a great deal of diversity. I’m from Central Jersey, just a quick forty-five minute drive from New York City.

I grew up in a town that, although was predominantly white, still had a decent mix of ethnic backgrounds. I later went to a University that had a very large mix of ethnic backgrounds.

After graduating college, I took the natural next step of getting a job in Manhattan and moving to the city shortly after. To this day, I still reside in the New York, right in Queens.

In my (nearly) thirty years of living, I’ve seldom been the only minority in a public setting. Whenever I’m walking around the city or even in my own neighborhood, I’ve always been met with at least one other non-white person and I’ve always been comforted by that feeling — knowing that I’m not “alone”.

Which is probably a huge reason why I never left.

But, even though I’ve pretty much lived in the same place throughout my entire life, I do have an appetite for traveling. I’ve visited half the states in America as well as five countries, with many more still on my list of places to visit. However, the “Deep South” in America has never been on that list.

Those of us who are well-versed in America’s History know the long-standing tension that was, and still is, present between Northern States and Southern States.

We’ve learned about the civil war, the battles, the racial divide, the differences in political views, in religion, and even in mannerisms and culture. We know about the stereotypes that people from both sides have for one another.

And because of this, because of my own personal views and the fact that I grew up in one of the “Northern States”, I’ve always been reluctant to visit the South. You could even say that I’m somewhat afraid of the South.

Having a majority of friends who are white, there’s always been someone I’ve known who’s raved about their vacations going to one of the Southern States, such as South Carolina or Georgia or West Virginia.



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