I really appreciate all of your feedback — I’m glad that you gained some insight and enjoyed the read. Honestly, a majority of the responses that I’ve been receiving have been very harsh and negative for the most part because of how people have interpreted my message. So, your response is a bit of a breathe of fresh air.

I completely understand your viewpoint and I realize the stereotype that comes with the particular pairing of Asian women dating White men. I realize that’s become somewhat of a “trend” of recent times, I guess you can say and has become more of a “culturally accepted” pairing in comparison to other races.

However, I can say that I didn’t choose my partner because he is White. That aspect is completely irrelevant. In short, we were always good friends in high school, we dated, we fell in love, and here we are. And the same goes for him — He didn’t choose me because of my ethnicity. He chose me because of who I am as a person. And in full transparency, I’m actually the only Asian woman he’s ever dated.

That being said, I did write an article (much earlier than this one) in reference to my perspective as an Asian woman in the grand scheme of life, not just dating.

Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life. lindseylazarte.com

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