How to Master the Art of Being Alone

From what I’ve gathered, many of us have a hard time learning how to be by ourselves

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

First off, step away from technology for a bit.

It became very apparent to me that this whole social distancing thing has significantly impacted the amount of time that I spend on my phone (thanks for the heads up, Apple). I was pretty disturbed by this realization.

(My Screen Time Data from March 15, 2020)

Invest in a hobby — or do literally anything else that brings you joy

The one thing that I surprisingly tend to avoid the most whenever I have downtime or time to myself is writing. If there’s one thing that I assume I’d be doing more of in a time like this, it’s writing. And yes, I have been writing a bit, but it’s been very forced — like I’m yanking the words out of my brain just to say that I wrote something down.

Spend more time outside

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to get up, go outside, and get moving during times of isolation. A bit of fresh air will only do you good. It also doesn’t hurt to wake up your muscles and stretch them out.

Writer & Digital Advertising Expert based in New York. Avid Runner & plant Mom. I write about writing and life in general.

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