Don’t Stop Writing Just Because Your Articles Aren’t Performing Well

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Lately, my writing hasn’t exactly been taking off on Medium. I’ve had some articles here and there that have gotten picked up and distributed by curators in the past few months, but definitely not a majority of them. And although I am appreciative that I have a handful of decent ones that are evergreen moneymakers, it’s still a bit of a blow to the ego that more of them haven’t been a success.

I hit a huge [personal] milestone as a Writer this year. One of my 2019 goals was to surpass one thousand followers. Less than two months into the year, I have already accomplished that goal.

I’m not including this in order to gloat, but simply to express my own excitement and also show people that you can achieve any goal that you set your mind to. (Though I guess I should probably update my goal number of followers since I’ve already reached it and there are still ten months left in the year).

After reaching this milestone, for some reason, I thought that I’d witness some kind of massive spike in the number of claps and overall engagements that I received on my articles. Well, unfortunately, I am here to tell you the cold, hard truth that it did not turn out that way. My expectations did not align with reality.

After surpassing one thousand followers, I saw no immediate or noticeable uptick in the number of views, reads, or claps on my articles. I wasn’t suddenly getting more articles curated, nor did I notice any difference in my average weekly payment summary. The only real difference was that instead of having nine hundred ninety-nine followers, I now had “1K”. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed — But, I should have known better.

Your number of followers does not necessarily correlate to the number of engaged readers. It’s really just all up to the quality of your content.

I just came back from a one week vacation to Colorado for an annual ski trip with my boyfriend and his family. I had already been feeling burnt out from work and discouraged about the lack of success with my writing, so this vacation came at the perfect time.

In my head, I thought that this week off from work, from running, from writing, and from life, in general, would be a complete refresher. I thought that I’d return relaxed, rebooted, and ready to get back at it. It was indeed a much-needed refresher and I did end up feeling relaxed and rebooted.

However, I was not ready to get back at it.

When I got back, I figured that if I just sat down and forced myself to write, the words would pour out, that I’d come up with a ton wonderful ideas, and that my writing would somehow turn out to be incredible.

That did not happen.

It was yet again another scenario where my expectations did not align with reality.

I published a few articles after returning from vacation, thinking that they would surely be hits.

They were not.

They received very few views, reads, and claps thus far and they were not distributed by the Medium curators. I was devastated once again. I even thought, “Maybe I’m just becoming a worse Writer.” or “Maybe I’ve simply exhausted my talent.”

Whatever the case may be, I seriously contemplated a hiatus from Medium for an indefinite period of time — That’s how much I was blowing this whole thing out of proportion. But, I eventually got a hold of myself and made peace with the fact that it may just be that my recent articles haven’t been my best pieces of work lately. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Just because my recent writing hasn’t been up to par with my best stuff doesn’t mean I should call it quits. It just means I need to try a little harder.

So, if you’re upset that your articles aren’t performing as well as you want them to, don’t stop writing just because of that reason.

Don’t let the absence of recognition validate your success or your potential as a Writer. Don’t let statistics or the trap of comparison kill your will to write. Write because you want to write. If it performs well, then that’s great. If not, then at least it’s out there. Whatever you do, don’t give up just because you aren’t getting claps.

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Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life.

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