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I joined Medium nearly 5 years ago. I never really took advantage of the platform until just recently. For a while, I had almost completely forgotten about Medium because I was trying to focus more of my energy on promoting my writing on other platforms and publications.

When I had initially joined, I wasn’t getting very strong traction with my articles — and honestly, I still really don’t. Rarely did I ever see my articles reach views in the double-digits and I was lucky to even get 1 “clap”. It ultimately led me to believe that I was a bad writer and it was pretty discouraging.

Not until I discovered the Medium Partner Program and actually understood the science behind it (kind of) did I really start leveraging Medium as an outlet for my writing.

To take it even further, after nearly 5 years, I FINALLY became an official Medium Member. I figured that if I really wanted to invest in this platform, then I had to pay for it. As the saying goes, “you gotta pay to play.”

Though I’m still trying to understand all of the things that Medium has to offer, I have however learned quite a decent amount so far and that’s mostly attributed (with many thanks) to the abundance of articles that have helped me discover the tips and tricks towards increasing my visibility on Medium.

You know — those articles along the lines of :

How to increase your views by 200%


This is why no one is seeing your article

(*Note: I completely made up those titles, but I’m sure there are actually articles in existence that sound like that)

So, here is a big THANK YOU to the many writers, creators, philosophers, forward-thinkers, etc. who are actively producing helpful content on Medium for people like me — Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your words of wisdom. Without you, I probably would have given up on this all together.

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Part-time Writer & Full-time Digital Advertising Expert in Queens, New York. Avid runner & Plant Mom. I write about writing and life.

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