A question on the topic of finality within the realm of online publishing

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself going back and making slight changes here and there to past articles I’ve written. It’s only once in a while and it’s only very minor edits. Most users likely wouldn’t even notice (Really, the main things that I’ve revised are the headline and image that I chose for my articles).

I often write about my full-time job, but I don’t think I’ve ever really gone into full detail about what I actually do. To give a simple explanation — I work in advertising; specifically native advertising. …

Our twenties are the biggest rollercoaster years of our lives

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I recently moved out of an apartment that I had been living in for the past five years. As was I staring at the empty walls and wooden floors of that apartment, I reflected on the past five years and how much has happened in the time that I lived there — how much has changed. Although five years is a relatively short period of time in the grand scheme of things, they were extremely significant, transformative years.

Those five years of my life were the latter half of my twenties and the very beginning of my thirties and I…

Does diversity hiring even the playing field or just make us more inclined to noticing fundamental differences when it comes to race

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I recently became a hiring manager at the company I work for and over the course of the past few months, I’ve interviewed quite a number of candidates — candidates of widely differing backgrounds and levels of experience. And so far, it’s been a really exciting and eye-opening experience for me personally.

Having the privilege of being a direct leader and mentor towards another employee has always been something that I’ve strived for in my career.

Since this is the first time I’m actually going through the process of hiring someone, I’ve learned quite a bit about what that process…

Thanks so much for the feedback and I'm glad this helped you, David! Really appreciate you also citing me in your article - that means a lot

Everybody just loves to criticize the millennial generation

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For some reason, everybody loves to criticize the millennial generation.

We’re criticized for our dating habits, spending habits, career choices, and general way of living. And yes, sometimes our decision-making process might be a little unorthodox, and you could even say spontaneous, but can you really blame us?

We were brought up during a period in time where huge waves of change were crashing upon us. There was a turn in the tide with the economy crashing. …

It can only be understood when experienced firsthand

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When I think about some of the biggest moments that have happened so far in my life, they vary anywhere from moments of happiness and sadness to excitement and heartbreak.

Whether it was starting a new job or moving to a new apartment, starting a new relationship or getting over a breakup, I’ve always been able to explain the feelings that I felt while they were happening.

However, when it comes to deeply tragic and traumatizing moments, those are always so much more complex to talk about.

Those are the ones that you’re always going to be more reluctant to…

We have to see it and experience it for ourselves

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When we’re young, one of the most annoying phrases we’ll hear is, “you’ll understand when you’re older.” This common and seemingly condescending phrase always comes at the most inconvenient times, usually when we think we understand something but then realize later that we don’t, and of course, we’re eventually proven wrong.

But that’s how we learn, right?

We have to see it and experience it for ourselves. And it isn’t until we actually see and experience things on our own that we truly understand what people mean when they say that phrase.

I used to take offense whenever people said…

It doesn’t matter where, when, or how it happens. Losing a parent is extremely painful and difficult regardless of the scenario

My Dad passed away just over a week ago on Easter Sunday, April 4th 2021. He endured a 13-week long battle with liver cancer. He died only five days after he was discharged from being in the hospital for two weeks. It was just three days before my Mom’s birthday.

He was 71 years old.

His death was sudden. My family (my Mom, my Sister, and I) didn’t see it coming at all. We thought that we had more time. After he was discharged from the hospital and had come back home, we looked ahead and focused on the upcoming…

You really can’t even begin to explain what it’s like unless you’ve seen it for yourself

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Up until recently, I never witnessed cancer up close. There was never anyone in my family whom I knew personally who had cancer. And the extent to which I knew about cancer was just that it really sucks. It wasn’t until recently that I came to truly understand the heavy weight of that truth — cancer really does suck. A lot. More than you could ever imagine.

My dad was first diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2018. When my family first found out about it, it was terrifying news. I never thought anything like that could possibly happen to…

Not every piece of advice works for everyone, and that’s okay

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When it comes to making decisions for and/or about ourselves, our opinion is ultimately the only one that matters in the end. Our decision is — or at least, should be — the only one that counts. And any consequences that are forthcoming are on completely us.

Of course, when it comes to bigger life decisions, we often tend to seek out advice from others first in order to make the smartest, most informed, and most educated decision.

When it comes to certain topics — such as dating & relationships, career, health, and all of the things that are often…

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