There’s a difference between those of us on Medium who are writing for profit versus those of us who are only making a few bucks a month

A decade ago, writing became something that I really began pouring my heart and soul into. I used writing as a vessel for expressing my emotions and documenting my experiences as a twenty-something year-old living in New York City.

I started a Wordpress blog for fun, with no real focus…

I’m sure I’m not alone in asking myself this question because at the end of the day, who really does get to decide?

Before social media, before technology, before the internet had revolutionized the digital era, becoming a published author was a distinctive and laborious feat.

To be a “real” Writer meant to be a part of an elite group of individuals where there was an audience that actually wanted to read what…

A timeline of my articles that showcase the whirlwind of a ride that 2021 has been — in chronological order

I don’t normally do shameless self-promotions of my own articles in the form of an actual article, but 2021 has been such a shit show for me that I — for my own personal recollection — am laying out a highlight the articles I’ve published throughout this year which pretty…

You think that things will go one way, but they go in a completely opposite direction — and that pretty much sums up life.

When I look back at when the pandemic first began, I try my hardest to find any tiny sliver of positivity or happiness that I can remember. Then, when I find them, I do my very best to hold onto those fleeting moments of joy and rare silver linings.


The show must go on in the world of digital advertising

I’ve been working in digital advertising for nearly a decade now and if there’s one over-arching, all-encompassing lesson I’ve learned since then, it’s that the dollar never sleeps. But, I guess that’s to be expected in the digital world.

Even as I lay in bed writing this article, I’m literally…

Not for claps, I just want to get this off my chest

I turned thirty-one today.

It’s a bit odd to say out loud, but I guess it will always feels odd to change the digits of your age every year.

People get weird about birthdays — myself included. To some, it’s an over-the-top, elaborate celebration. …

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson

Full-time Digital Advertising Professional, Part-time Writer, Runner, & Plant Mom based in Brooklyn, New York. I write about work, culture, and life in general

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