10 Ways to Avoid Burnout in The Workplace

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson
4 min readMar 19, 2018
“A workplace with countless rows of desks.” by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Six years ago after graduating college, like many other graduates, I was officially on the hunt for a full-time job. Soon enough, I began work only two weeks after my graduation day and was in full-force with paving the way for my career. I was eager, excited, and ecstatic to have started so quickly. I was motivated, driven, and determined. I wanted to learn as much as I could so that I could ensure that I was great at my job.

Lo and behold, it has taken my far and after all of that hard work, I am very proud of just how far I have come. However, there were times when I felt that I was on the verge of burning out even though I had only just gotten started. Whenever I felt this happening, I made sure to take a breath, put things into perspective, and shift my mindset towards the bigger picture.

I have spoken to many other young professionals who also feel a similar way, which is what leads me to believe that sometimes, we just need to slow it down a bit in order to avoid feeling this way. Here are 10 ways to avoid burnout:

  1. Get to work early instead of staying late. One of the main reasons why we feel like we never have enough time is really because we’re just getting a late-start. Instead of cramming extra hours after work, try getting to work early instead. Whatever you don’t finish that day can always get done the following day. Get your day started earlier and see how that works. As they say, “early bird gets the worm.”
  2. Try not to take work home with you. There’s a taboo in the corporate culture that we cannot stop working if the job isn’t done. If we don’t finish, then we need take our laptops home to make sure it’s finished. But, we also we have to understand that there will always be work that needs to get done. The minute you finish one thing, more will always come, so instead of stressing yourself out at home, try relaxing instead. It’s okay to take the night off once in a while.
  3. Don’t let it get to your head. We all have different pressures at work. That pressure may be work itself, our colleagues, our bosses, or even ourselves. It can be extremely taxing on us and can even make us question our abilities. But, we must not let it get to our heads. Statistics have shown that 40% of workers have reported that their job was extremely stressful and…
Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson

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