Not for claps, I just want to get this off my chest

I turned thirty-one today.

It’s a bit odd to say out loud, but I guess it will always feels odd to change the digits of your age every year.

People get weird about birthdays — myself included. To some, it’s an over-the-top, elaborate celebration. …

What we should always try to remember is that it’s very likely that there will always be a person going through a difficult time at work, regardless of whether or not they show it

My Dad died earlier this year and it was honestly the worst thing that’s ever happened to me so far in life.

When he passed away, I was in the midst of getting a promotion at work. Ever since starting this job back in 2018, I had been performing extremely…

Now that race is something I’m very much aware of, I don’t even know how to begin to communicate the fact that I feel inherently different

Bringing up the topic of race within any type of work setting is always a sensitive subject. Depending on the company that you work for and the type of culture they foster, race can be a topic that’s seldom brought up in any conversation, if ever.

In the past, I’ve…

Sometimes, the universe throws loss our way in order to force ourselves to make space for the things that have yet to come

The pandemic has been many things for many people, but if I could sum up my own personal experience throughout this whole thing, it would be that I’ve lost a whole lot more than I’ve gained…or maybe that’s just how I see it.

For many of us, the biggest thing…

Lindsey (Lazarte) Carson

Writer, Runner, and Plant Mom based in Brooklyn, NY. I write about anything from work to culture to relationships. But, mostly just about life in general.

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